Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

My good friend (and one of Bea’s bridesmaids) Savannah just moved her salon, Rocket Science, to an amazing newly-renovated double on Royal and Elysian Fields. This place is awesome.

Rocket Science: THe Future is Now!

If you know her, go see her. A few years ago, she was sharing a few hundred square feet on Bourbon St., then went to a shop above 13 on Frenchmen, and now the front room, the waiting area, is bigger than either of those entire spaces. What can I say? I’m proud.

Not only is she a good friend, but she does great work:

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The thorough de-bearding is totally my work ( I’m not used to the length attachments on my new beard trimmer ), but the rest is Savvy.


  1. It’s like a smoking gun pic in reverse, only with somebody I know.

    I’m torn between weirded out and laughing.

    Gonna opt for laughing tho.

  2. I was just looking at photos from New Orleans with Beth and I pointed out a picture of you and Mikey pointing at my boobs and she said “Did you know that Will *just* cut his hair?”

    I couldn’t believe it! All these years I’ve had this image of you with long hair and a trucker hat in my head and here you are without hair nor beard… ;)

    Savvy is awesome! What a cleanup job!

    How’s life?
    Kate… you remember me.

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