He’s got Betty Davi… er, Dexter Morgan eyes

I know, I know, long time, no write – I’ve been busy. Good busy.

Novembeard is over. I’m sure many Significant Others are grateful for this, and hopefully even more are pleasantly surprised – most of ladies I’ve dated were initially anti-beard.

They came around.

As an unwitting / accidental participant of Novembeard, I can’t say the challenge was particularly difficult, uncomfortable, or itchy. A beard (or various stages of it) is my default for facial hair.

I unfortunately lost my length adapters for my beard trimmer an unknown amount of time ago, so when I heard about this (project? movement? awareness?), I figured ‘Why not? Not like I can properly trim the beard anyways.’

It’s a bit on the longer/scruffier side, but I still like it. Besides, the newly-arrived frigid weather calls for it. My favorite response is by good friend Pistolette: “You are making Dexter eyes in that photo!” I’m not sure what that means, but I’ll take it.


Sorry for the gratuitous height, but my new phone, the Droid X, takes pictures in widescreen.

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  1. My hubby has only tried to grow a beard once as a result of an extended camping trip. He said it was like having a small animal sitting on his chin.

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