I got oranges and bananas…

My old landlord Louis Maistros directed me to this video on Mr. Okra – a man I dare say is a New Orleans institution.

Well, maybe not New Orleans, but definitely a Quarter / Marigny / Bywater / 9th Ward institution. He’s like the ice cream man, but nowhere near as annoying or tooth-rotting. I love hearing him drive around the area, selling fresh foods with his unmistakable and unique cadence.

And an extra little touch on the video – the closing song is the title track from New Orleans Jazz Vipers’ album “Hope You’re Comin’ Back“. The oldest daughter of the guitarist will “sing” along with Mr. Okra if she hears him driving down the street, or will sing with you if you start mimicking him.

It’s insanely cute.

Now, repeat after me: I got oranges and bananas …

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