The Price of Modern Communications

I took a quick jaunt uptown today to help my friend, a (quasi-?) retired lawyer, hook his cable internet line up to his shiny new wireless router.

About 15 minutes after arriving at his house, his two laptops and his wife’s desktop (who was up until today connecting via dial-up – *the horror*) were hooked up to his new wireless connection, and he was showing me his few prized pieces of artwork by our mutual friend, Maggie.

I wasn’t planning on taking any payment, but he made me an offer I couldn’t possibly refuse; a bottle of Jameson’s 18 year old Limited Reserve.

Jameson 18yr Limited Reserve

Needless to say, I was floored. This is on average an $80 bottle of whiskey, and in no way is this “payment” remotely close to the value of the time I spent. Then again, his wife is no longer on dial-up – I’d say he won the day.

I am unfortunately not enjoying a glass of it this evening, as I didn’t want to bike home with it – I opted instead to leave in the jostle-free environment of my office. I’ll collect it tomorrow, and probably won’t have a good chance to enjoy it until Saturday.

Oh, how I look forward to Saturday. And no, you can’t come over just yet.

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