L4D2: New Orleans

Possible alternate titles: ZOMGBIES! or Zombies? In my New Orleans? It’s more likely than you think.

So, the demo for Left 4 Dead 2 became available today for those who pre-ordered it.
The short of L4D: it’s a first-person shooter set in a zombie apocalypse, and 4 people have survived – you have to work together to survive. It’s pretty awesome.

That said, I took a few screenshots, and it seems they really nailed the feel of New Orleans.

L4D2: The Parish
L4D2 in NOLA
L4D2 in NOLA
L4D2 in NOLA

That last one is clearly that amphitheater-style area on Decatur St. across from the St. Louis Cathedral / Jackson Square.

I can’t wait to play all the way through.

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