1,460 Days and Counting

Well, the web (or at least my little corner of it) is all a-flutter with Katrina posts, as it made landfall 4 years ago.

It’s an important event in our lives – not just as New Orleanians or Louisianians specifically, but for Americans and people as a whole.

I’m not going to get into a re-cap of my experience. I’m not going to rant about various levels of government, or about our citizens that behaved badly both here and wherever it was they ended up. I also won’t talk about the people who acted in the exact opposite of that.

I will just say this: I’ll spend today and the next few days or so as I did last night and as I did four years ago: with people I care about.

And as a bonus, there’s a Saints game today. It’s not a home game, but I’ll take it nonetheless.

Who Dat.


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