Hey there, Fancy Pants

A bit ago, I received word that Todd‘s awesome and affordable Hong Kong Tailor™ would be making his way on his U.S. Tour, and would be adding New Orleans to his list of destinations.

I figured why not, and dropped him a visit when he came though – a scant 28 days ago! After all, my black suit jacket didn’t quite match the pants, my blue dress shirt has a hole, and my white dress shirt has a weird thing happening with the collar. I was also very interested in obtaining an overcoat, as I had just been in Chicago in February for a funeral, and ’bout damn near froze my ass off.

Getting shirts, and especially jackets that fit me is a bit of a pain in the ass. I invariably have to get my jackets adjusted because shoulders are proportionally much wider than my waist.

Well, I just tried everything on (the overcoat has not yet arrived), and the fit is just great. I’m a happy customer.

Bea’s female co-worker Christy says I need a haircut, and her male co-worker Evan says I need to grow it out. I like Evan, but Christy’s probably right.

Click to embiggen:

The New Suit
New Suit Blues (and Whites)
Label Whore
Required Mirror Shot
Required 3' Shot


  1. How wonderful that we both get to post the same thing on our blogs today.

    Lookin’ sharp, me bruddah. Lookin’ sharp.

    Hong Kong TAYYYYYY-LORRRRRR, ahoy!

  2. oooooh my yes a hairdo is in order. only cause i saw the same look being rocked by a bunch of early 20-somethings at the Better Than Ezra show this past weekend.

    but, hey, snazz-o-rama.

  3. Alice, if I hadn’t been sold on the idea yet, that sure did it.

    The trick is finding the right cut. I look weird with short hair.

  4. In that last picture you look as rich as Croesus. You look like an incredibly powerful media mogul who could crush me with his stare.

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