Saints ’09 / Drew Brees > Olympic Archer

The Saints have released their 2009 Schedule, and I am super excited. We have our season opener at home, 3 night games of which all are at home and one is on a Monday against those Dirty Birds, the Falcons.

For me, the best omen/sign I see is that finally, there is no game at Chicago in December. Finally.

I called a 12-4 Season for ’09 at the end of ’08. Let’s see how far we can go. Up next: the draft.

While we wait for that, here’s an amazing video of Drew Brees and how incredibly accurate he is:


Who Dat!


  1. In defense of science and archery:
    The target he’s throwing at (from 20 yards away) is an olympic archery target. The problem is, it is the target archers shoot from 90 and 70 meters away (about 98 and 76 yards).
    At that same distance an olympic archer would be shooting on a 40cm target (about 1/3rd the size) and would shoot a considerably higher score. Perfect scores with 60 arrows aren’t unheard of.

    In defense of football:
    I’d really like to see an archery try to hit a moving target while scrambling from a blitz.

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