Today is the Molly’s at the Market Annual St. Patty’s Day Parade.

In preparation, a big ole group of us will be riding around the city in limos, wearing tuxes and dresses, to go bar-hopping with a police escort. As for me, I’m donning a pair of green Chucks, a black kilt, tuxedo shirt, green bow-tie, and my green tuxedo jacket with green velvet lapels. Hott, with two Ts.

In prep, I’ve had a big glass of water, and some cereal. I’m about to have another big glass and a sandwich, then I’ll be over at Molly’s for 8 for my first drink of the day.

*deep breath*

And I plan on obnoxiously “liveblogging” (aka twittering) the bars we have arrived at, and the drinks we have consumed, so you can witness the progression from “Hello, good sir.” to “WHARRGARBL!”

But, what is WHARRGARBL and where does it come from, you ask? The internets, my children. The internets.


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  1. hey Will!

    this post, and picture, made me laugh so hard my side still hurts.

    hope all is well. haven’t seen you in a long time. whenever i make it down to molly’s i look for ya! :)

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