If there’s one thing you can say about mankind

… There’s nothing kind about man.

i awoke this morning, wondering if it was raining, or if we were being bombed.
the heavens seemed to just open up and unleash all it had upon the french quarter. rarely have i seen/heard such a display. it was quite amazing.
the thunder still rolls as i type this, drying off in my office.

and this morning, while dropping off rent in Pere Antoine Alley, i inadvertedly stepped in shit.
human shit.

Chomps (currently at SIGGRAPH) on the subject of my morning displeasure:
hahaha. you are making (me) miss home“.

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  1. heh. i actually have a story about that tom waits couplet. but i don’t feel like typing it out right now. and it will probably lose something in the retelling. but it involves last friday night, a kid named Barry-or-Mike-or Damien, and his vision for this Slasher flick he wants to make.

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